Heti, Sheila


The Natural & Manufactured Lecture: Friday, August 17th at 7pm


“I have always thought a lot about the word ‘soul’ and have often wondered how it relates to anything real. One day, waiting for a subway with a friend, I thought that maybe Time was the real thing — the “body” — and we were ITS soul, rather than the common idea of people having bodies, and HAVING a soul. In the years since that thought came to me, I have tried in various ways to pin it down. Sometimes the notion that “we are the soul of time” seems so clear to me, as plain as that tree standing over there. Sometimes I have no idea what “we are the soul of time” could possibly mean; it looks bizarre. In this lecture, I’ll try to understand and explain and make sense of this idea, hopefully with the help of the audience.” – Sheila Heti