August 15 to September 20, 2013

Klondike Institute of Art & Culture
Dawson City, Yukon, Canada


griffin01 Paul Griffin | Welcome Stranger

Gallery Installation
Artist Talk: Thursday, August 15, 7pm, KIAC Ballroom
Reception to follow in the ODD Gallery

fuller02 Sarah Fuller | The Homecoming

Outdoor Site-specific Installation
Artist Talk: Thursday, August 15, 7pm, KIAC Ballroom
Arts Festival Installation Walk: Thursday, August 15, 10pm


Reiffel Bird Sanctuary, March 1996


Robert Bringhurst | The Facts will Form a Poem in Your Minds


The Natural and Manufactured lecture:
Saturday, August 17  |  7pm in the KIAC Ballroom



fuller01 Meg Walker | If We Could Bottle Light
The Natural & the Manufactured post-exhibition essay

N+Mbrochure2013 (PDF)

The Natural & The Manufactured is a unique thematic project jointly organized by the ODD Gallery and the Artist in Residence Program at the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture. Conceived as a speculative research and presentation forum, the N&M looks to the myriad ways in which we both influence and are influenced by our natural and constructed environments.

Through a rich program of exhibitions, installations, actions, lectures and essays, The Natural & The Manufactured endeavours to engage both artists and audiences in a re-examination of the cultural, physical and economic values imposed on the environment. This project seeks to explore alternative political, social and aesthetic agendas and strategies towards a reinterpretation and new understanding of our relationship to the environment and our social infrastructure: the indelible ways in which our natural landscapes influence, inspire and sustain us, and conversely the ways in which our perceptions of- and actions upon- these landscapes directly impact the environment itself.

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